Fighting for freedom is costly.

Having fought for my freedom for at least four years, I can write down some intermediate conclusions.

Relatives, close relationships, family

A freedom fighter must be free from any brakes. For me, it has been the family whose members have been trying to pull me back to be an ordinal member of the society. I’ve told to all of them to stop right there. They can choose their path: either they can support my actions or leave me alone. It’s easier to push forward while acting alone than trying to pursue while others pulling back.

Pulling back can be supportive, too, though. It’s like a mirror that reflects the actions and shows its influence to people who don’t get what the freedom fighter does.

Accounts for wire transfers

Freedom fighters must free themselves from any registrations of their properties in the financial slavery system (FiSS) as bailiffs can only seize what’s written in their virtual system. In Estonia, ther’s a code that is applied to every citizen called personal code. In States, a corresponding code is called social security number. What bailiffs do first is asking you to pay what they call a debt right away, sometimes even offering a promotion for such a case. If you refuge, then they try to seize all of the bank accounts that are linked to the named code. Of course, you’ve emptied these accounts aforehead so that they can’t get anything from them. This wasn’t enough. In case you have some shares, sometimes dividends will be paid and then, they flow right to the bailiff. So be sure to get rid of your shares as well before you start your freedom fighting! Or just transfer them to one of your companies that have a different code!

Salary vs pay for your work

If you happen to have a work contract using your code then they seize your salary. My suggestion is to create a company and have these contracts as for outsourcing. This also makes it possible to avoid all the labor taxes. You want to avoid them because you don’t want to support the FiSS. In return you’ve got no social insurance which means if your body needs some repairs in their drug and surgery system then you’d pay in full for that. My experience is that a true freedom fighter is so friendly to the nature that they don’t need the help of that system anymore. The body cures themselves. The help is present in the nature. Once you get rid of the fears for something bad to happen you, stop calling bad events to you and no insurance is needed. Once I stopped insuring my car, no more collisions happened. Earlier, I had some. This has everything to do with the responsibility: are you responsible for your thoughts, sayings and actions or do you delegate it?


Next, what bailiffs do, is making sure you can’t perform any transactions without their permit with your car in their system where the car is registered as it wears a registration sign.

Real estate

If many bailiffs are attacking you at the same time then there’s a chronological order of priorities. If a bailiff sees that another bailiff has marked your property already then they might take the next step and do the same with your real estate. In this case, only one bailiff can do it at the time, however, other bailiffs can ask for a permission to join and if the first one accepts, they form a group of criminals against you offering you to pay or they seize the real estate that means they want to sell it without your permission.

Sickness registry

As bailiffs can seize everything you have registered in their databases under the named code, why wouldn’t they also seize your registered sicknesses if they find some? They could put your sicknesses into an auction and sell them. The downside for you is that you can loose your sicknesses. Bazinga!

Are you ready to be free, id est to loose everything?

This leads to the next precondition of being a freedom fighter: be ready to loose everything! This is a game. You go and play chess. The result can be either a win, tie or loss. As a freedom fighter, you’re fight is a tournament, not a single match. Sometimes, you loose, you learn and win another case. Of course, your opponent does the same. Our opponent is very strong and educated. They know that they don’t follow even their own rules. They don’t care as they know that most people are safe in the slavery and support them.

Pair fighting

There’s a solution for the latter and it demands fighting in pairs or larger groups. You need somebody who you trust in full. All the properties that need registrations in the FiSS will be registered as owned by your guy so that by the end of the day, there’s no property registered to your code. The result is that no bailiff can influence you in any way as literally, you don’t have any properties. Your link to the FiSS is your guy who acts as a diligent slave and makes no mistakes. That guy must share your goals or otherwise, why would they agree? And of course, if any of these properties you actually use need some finances you must take care of them — through your guy again. If you fail doing so your guy might decide to get rid of some of these properties. It’s like pair programming where both programmers share same resources and goals whereas one performs actions and the other one checks and gives advice.

Security vs freedom

And we reach the next characteristics of freedom fighting: it’s costly. You don’t act according to the rules of the financial slavery system and you’re demanded to pay. Of course, you don’t pay anything to them freewillingly but under duress. You can even go further and start living somewhere far away. You pay full for everything you need that you don’t get for free: electricity, fuel, food, water purification, clothes, waste water transportation etc. Slaves get subsidies as the slave masters want to keep them. They provide to their slaves security through police and military, they provide shelter and food, they even decide their life options for them by choosing what subjects must be in the school programs, what are the conditions for traveling, how to protect your health, who’s allowed to drive a car, in some parts of States, even who’s allowed to collect rain water. In return, they expect their slaves to work for them. This is seldom a work as work is an action with a value as a result. Out of eight daily working hours, maybe a couple of hours are really work. Others are keeping slaves busy for making them tired so that they can’t see through the system and start wanting something else.

Far away

And then, you’re far away, you pay for everything without subsidies, still some day somebody comes and tells you: “We’re gonna build a road though your property so we buy it and you go somewhere else!” Well, then you’re probably well prepared to fight it if the road doesn’t seem meaningful to you.


They’ve got democracy. Do you know what it means? Two people out of three decide that that the third one must die. The third one can make a complaint to the first two. Then, the first two analyse the complaint and find it not reasoned enough. If there’s a court, it’s on their side as they created the rules. These rules are so overwhelming that even they can’t remember all of them. Sometimes, they change them. They’re written so complicated that always, if they want, they can punish somebody. Democracy is that the ones who have the power rule upon the ones who don’t by the rules created by the ones who have. You’re a freedom fighter. You don’t vote as you don’t want to delegate your responsibility. And you also never get chosen to the ones who have the power. And even if you would, they’d suppress you there.

Alone and together

Far away, you can build your community of same like thinkers who have the same or similar goals. It’s clear that all the freedom fighters can choose their very own specific paths, though having the same goal. Whether it works against strong and educated slave masters or is a union a more effective approach depends where and when we are.

Earning or getting a discount?

Before I close up my pep talk, I’d like to share an example from my own life with you. In Estonia, the masters of FiSS demand all cars to be registered in their system. The cars must be checked periodically and they must be insured. Multiple other rules as of about registration sign or obligation for the driver of having a document with the code with them apply. In the year 2014, I decided to stop feeding them as effective as I could. I didn’t pay for the car checking in euros, I didn’t pay insurances, I didn’t order any repairs that didn’t seem necessary to me and I didn’t care where I parked my car as long as I didn’t disturb anybody else. I was caught many times. During these four years, I kept from paying approximately 600 € for car checking and insurances and the amount would’ve be larger for unnecessary repairs as for instance for the drivers window mechanism and parking. Today, I paid 542.24 € under duress to a bailiff who wanted some 200 € just for nothing. Policemen demanded 100 € from me for not showing any identification document and the car not having a check mark in their system. They also demanded 200 € for the latter for the second time, the car not being insured and therefore not active in their database and that both registration signs were upside down because of my protest. The rest was a couple of tens of euros for parking where my car didn’t put anybody into a danger. Did I just earn or got a discount of at least 60 €?

Bailiffs don’t care

Another time was as I drove my car 57 km/h in a snow storm by paying great attention to road conditions. There was an automate that took a photo of me and my car. The price for the photo was 9 €. They reasoned the demand by the rule that maximum speed in the area was 50 km/h. However, because of the storm, the 50-sign wasn’t readable. They didn’t care because their slogan is the force of law, whereas law means legal statutes which tell that they’re always right. I didn’t pay, so they called a friend in the role of a bailiff who quintupled the amount. Lately, I got a call from the office of that bailiff — I either pay the rest of the alleged debt 4.40 € or they sell my apartment. So I moved the amount to a seized account and they picked it up — case closed.

During the named phone call, that woman told me, I had all the possible legal options to defend myself. Well, in another case, I was called into a court. I wrote a letter and brought it into the courthouse on my own where I told them that I couldn’t be there in the given date and demanded another date. I didn’t get any response. The very next day, they decided behind my back against me. I was defenseless. This is the force of the slavery system. They tell that you have all the legal options however you can’t win if you don’t answer at the same low level by using either mental or physical violence.

How to proceed?

I wrote that the freedom fighting would be costly. The energy for having discussions, writing letters, business conditions, invoices, demands has been a generous amount that can’t be converted into currency always. It’s been a great learning time so far. For me, acting is very easy and clear if I’d only have to follow the common and universal law and direct contracts with consensus. Would all the resources one needs available for free, there would be no poverty, greed, wars and the development could flow in peace and happiness. In such a sharing society, no bailiffs, soldiers, policemen, judges, attourneys, politicians, banksters would survive. They eat finances. Once finances are removed, they die out. This process has begun. How long it lasts, depends on us, freedom fighters. So be prepared, be brave, diplomatic, balanced, fair, honest, purposeful, confident and believe into our goals! We don’t know how exciting, dangerous, bendy, slippery or bumpy the chosen path is. Certain is that the right path is the one we choose. The future has been written for the slaves, free souls write their future themselves. Be also prepared what comes next, have your plans tested and working before the FiSS will be packed into a secured package and exposed in the museum of history!



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