Fighting for freedom is costly.

Having fought for my freedom for at least four years, I can write down some intermediate conclusions.

Relatives, close relationships, family

Pulling back can be supportive, too, though. It’s like a mirror that reflects the actions and shows its influence to people who don’t get what the freedom fighter does.

Accounts for wire transfers

Salary vs pay for your work


Real estate

Sickness registry

Are you ready to be free, id est to loose everything?

Pair fighting

Security vs freedom

Far away


Alone and together

Earning or getting a discount?

Bailiffs don’t care

During the named phone call, that woman told me, I had all the possible legal options to defend myself. Well, in another case, I was called into a court. I wrote a letter and brought it into the courthouse on my own where I told them that I couldn’t be there in the given date and demanded another date. I didn’t get any response. The very next day, they decided behind my back against me. I was defenseless. This is the force of the slavery system. They tell that you have all the legal options however you can’t win if you don’t answer at the same low level by using either mental or physical violence.

How to proceed?



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peacecop kalmer:

I teach math, computer science and tennis, create software, arrange tennis events, process multimedia, run orienteering, collect tree juices and fruits.